01 December 2010

A Little About What Brought Me Here

I'm a woman on a mission. I feel it is my quest to help others and myself connect to each other and nature. My life is full of small projects and situations that help me do this. Here are just some things that buzz around in my little life that i would like to share with you...

Natural Birthing
I have recently been initiated into the wonderful world of Doula's. A Doula (pronounced doo-la) is a woman in tune with her sympathetic and empowering nature who assist birthing women. We help demonstrating to women that she has power within herself to work with her natural hormones and birth with ease and fulfillment. Birth can be an event that transforms a woman and we think it is important to make that experience as safe and supported as possible. I trust a woman to access her inner wisdom from within birthing and i will help her create the right environment to do so. Please see my Doula webpage for more information about my philosophy and practice.

Or even just body movement is something i hold in very high regard. I believe we have a flow of CHI that can build up within us causing frustration, anger, lethargy and depression. Releasing it through dance and movement, or any other creative practice for that matter, can help us connect to our true selves and be a practice we can use when our life feels a bit on top of us. I regularly dance with my partner and sometimes around the high energy of the full moon put on movement workshops.

Like many others all over the world i practice Ashtanger Yoga. For me it feels like a meditation of rhythm that can result in a state of bliss. It also helps me be in tune with the inner workings of my body. Yoga is good for most people as it's very much up to you how hard or soft you push yourself.

Natural Cycles
There is something so wondrous to me about a cycle. I became interested in women's menstrual cycles from a very early age and used to pester my mum with more information about the details. Unfortunately in my teens my fascination was not nurtured by my peers and like most other girls in western society i was told to not talk about it, hide it and ignore the fact it was even happening. Once i got into my twenties i broke out of that oppression and began surrounding myself with women who wanted to express themselves through their menstruation. Occasionally ill hold workshops to create a comforting space for women to gather in and relate to each other through their monthly bleed. Cycles are all around us and as a women i feel extremely lucky to be able to experience a cycle through menstruation and pregnancy. We can take so much encouragement from nature who changes with ease from summer into autumn and winter into spring. Cycles help us appreciate change and show us there is good in all situations.

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