07 June 2011

Finding Peace in Manifesting.

For a long time now i have understood the power of manifesting opportunities, poeple and things into my life. But only the other day did i realize how often stop myself from getting what i want. I identified this blockage as a voice that always said the same thing...

'not today, no there is nothing special about today'

I sometimes wake with the question....'i wonder if today something will happen, or i will meet someone special that will suddenly, and dramatically, make my life path alter?' And of course on many days up comes the voice and which overrides that sudden flutter of inspiration and i carry on with my normal day routine. Where's the growth in that?

Well this evening when dreaming up plans of an adventurous summer that same old lack of trust popped up again. However after my insight i have decided to do something different this time, so i drew a picture of the thing i was dreaming about. In my picture i have drawn a shelter made of straw and wood surrounded by thick tree's. My structure symbolizes a sanctuary beneath the sun where i am able to relax and heal in nature. The pillows show the comforting environment and the rose is my passion for love and life. I am the spiral like creature ooozing purple, red, orange and yellow which are the colours of the spiritual, base, sexual and social Chakras. All of which i am paying delicate attention to just now.

I know that when blockages over power inspiration i am living in a fearful place so i will take it upon myself from now on to be more mindful of when that is happening and to try a ritual or creative practice to challenge where the fear is coming from.

Peace xxx

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  1. You are brave and beautiful cousin, love. I love your image and your adventurous spirit.