22 March 2011

Finding My Balance After Being Ill.


 I lost my balance. Being a pretty balanced person in most aspects of my life it was scary to loose it for so long. A mixture of life responsibilities and spending a long period of time stressed tipped me over an edge and i got quite ill. It feels like i need to write about this before i can start writing creative posts again.

Yesterday was the first day in almost three weeks that i didn't feel pressured to do something and was actually motivated. It felt like a kind of bliss that had been lacking for such a long while. Today i made the decision to consciously find my balance again. This for me is taking time to look at my life from a perspective that isn't so much involved in the day to day drama of everything but rather an observation of whats going on just now and a delicate aim for solutions. Solutions are something i struggle with when im swimming in the drama. What i became really aware of in recent years was that to function as any sort of supportive person (for friends or as a job) i HAVE to take care of myself first. Simple but sometimes difficult. Taking care of myself, i've come to realize, means:

  • making sure im eating healthily; whenever i get distracted and eat junk i tend to feel really low and get ill easily.
  • making sure i've slept enough; i can go through periods in my life when i don't sleep much at all but i have to level that out with a few days rest after to recover.
  • paying attention to my menstrual cycle; whenever i ignore where my cycle i feel disoriented in my body.
  • keeping the nest organised; i enjoy organisation and always feel so much more grounded when i am.
  • keeping my body clean; in and out. Whenever i illiminate toxins from my body i feel renewed and fresh. To do this i have really hot steamy baths, saunas, do enemas and drink loooooads of water.
  • keeping a good rapor with friends and family; whenever there is tension between friends or family i feel emotionally distressed. Resolving issues and keeping peace is far more soul nourishing.
  • nourishing my soul; this involves being in tune with what my soul is saying to me (something i get better at each menstrual cycle) this varies massively but usually involves some body movement and/or using my creativity.
  • connecting with nature; i find nature relaxing, fascinating, beautiful and like a strong validating mothering force.
  • doing something towards a better society and earth; i am a big believer that the world can be a better place if we be kinder to each other and the environment.
It's easy to forget that these wonderful things balance and ground me and it's even easier to forget that without doing most of them i will be a little all over the place. My mind/body/soul connection needs them to feel in good flow with the world. Have you ever wondered what your little personal needs are so that you feel balanced?

This week is a week of introducing those activities slowly so that i am at my best. As i have been ill i am also giving my immune system a big boost with Echinacea, Vitamin C, lots of raw Garlic and Spirilina. I have almost completely cut out sugar and caffeine (which suppress the immune system) and whenever i feel stress bubbling beneath the surface i walk away to cool off or have a quiet cry to release the emotion.

Hoping to feel more creative soon and share inspiring stories with the world
Healthy energy and creative blessings
A xxx

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