Aiyana is a Native Indian name meaning eternal blossom. This name connects me to the beauty and fine nature of women's cycles.
I am a voluntary doula currently travelling in search of a simple community life and preparing myself to become a mother. When based for long enough periods  I available to attend births, support women prenatally and postnatally. I believe in having unique and strong connections with each pregnant, birthing and new mama. I feel every woman has her own challenges or obstacles that could surface around the time of birth and that's why the presences of a sympathetic doula can be so vital. It's important to me that a spark is established between each pregnant mama and doula to open those doors for a pleasant comfortable birth experience. Here are areas i cover:

This is when i would support you in your pregnancy only. During an initial informal chat, possibly over a cup of tea, we would get to know one another and begin to talk about expectations and ideas. I will listen with interest, keep note of what we have discussed and do any necessary research into resources that could help progress to a happy pregnancy and calm birth. Our sessions could be spent any way you like; maybe going for a walk, sitting in a nice cafe, or in the comfort of your own home. It's your choice. This is a good time to talk about fears and excitement and investigate ways we can utilities the information around us.

During my birth support I will be 'mindfully present' at birth of your child. Somebody once said the me 'there is a big difference between doing nothing and being still'. Being 'still' or 'mindful' at the moment of childbirth can create a safe place for a woman to feel held and a baby to enter the world with love and validation. I believe in pro-choice birth therefore would support a woman in a hospital or a homebirth. I trust that a woman will birth her way and I will help maintain the space for her to do so. I would meet with you for the first time usually between week 16 and week 26 of your pregnancy (im very flexible here) then depending on when your estimated due date is and your personal preference we would set up more meetings. Once a connection is established i offer anytime emailing/phone support. Leading up to the birth we could meet a few times to explore some of your fears and expectation. It's a great chance for us to get to know each other and build some trust. Around the birth i will be on-call for about 2 weeks either side of your estimated due date. I'm happy for you or your partner to call me to tell me your labour has begun at any hour. Once i arrive at your home or the hospital and your in labour will stay with you until the birth and for a short while after until everyone is happy to settle down for some rest.

After childbirth it can be difficult to settle into a new routine. New babies have constant needs and it's not always easy to find time to do simple things around the house. If working with you postnatally i would come into your home and do your household tasks with you. A postnatal doula acts as a companion who teams up with a new mama's to get things done faster and more easily. It's also a good opportunity to talk about the birth.

Dealing with loss
Yin and yang. Life sometimes presents itself with sudden unavoidable loss. Miscarriage and abortion, although common, can be extremely difficult. I offer an open heart and interested ear to any stories of loss around pregnancy and birth. I think its very important we talk to process our emotions and find a valid place to do the necessary healing.

Please feel free to call or email me if you like any of my doula support.