07 November 2010

A Personal Journey

You might of noticed that i haven't blogged in a while. Let me give you a little post about my wonderful months activities. If you live in Edinburgh it's rare not to have heard about Beltane and Samhuin Fire Festivals. In short they symbolize the change of seasons, the earth cycles and rituals we do to honor them, well that's surely my interpretation anyway. The festivals are made up of a community of eager performers and artists from all walks of life (anyone can join). They form groups who bond over a period of a few months and express a particular part of the narrative. There is performance, there is body paint and there are drums. This Samhuin was my third festival and definitely not my last, i was part of a group called the White Hunt who for me meant strength, spiritual wisdom, respect for the earth and alliance with the winter king. We practiced twice a week, sometimes more, did meditation, Butoh, focus walks, embraced our animal side, made costumes, made dreamcatchers, supported each other, found our inner wisdom, played beneath the full moon, performed ritual and much more. Meaningful performance has become a big part of my life and healing process and i feel lucky to have taken part. Here are some pictures of this years Samhuin Fire Festival...

As you can see a wonderful expressive colourful adventure. I am in the second picture from the top. I always tend to put a lot of my attention into these festivals which makes them so much more intense and difficult to leave behind. Luckily with this community you get companionship and support when your suffering from the withdrawal symptoms post festival.

While preparation for Samhuin blossomed around me most of my other interests were at a stand still. It was difficult not making pregnancy workshops and birth preparation events over the past few months due to clashing times with practices. I think that is why i feel all that more determined to to focus on being a Doula over the next few months. Here are somethings i am going to do to help me on my Doula journey.

First step: find myself a more experienced Doula to be my mentor. This is a little scary...the idea of ringing someone up to ask for support with the possibility of being shot down (mental note: most people feels like this and thats why being a Doula is so beautiful and necessary in this culture) 

Second Step: putting some positive and open energy out to the universe making myself available to women.  I so often don't do this and wonder why i don't see a more clear path. 

Third step: mingle with inspired women. This is not difficult in Edinburgh. This place is blessed with unique and powerful women....i just have to remember to be present enough to make a connection. 

Fourth Step: stimulate my creativity. I have so much creativity around my body and soul that i don't know what to do with it. I need to channel it into making things more often. 

Fifth step: cleanse my lifestyle and sort through my things. My lifestyle as in health and food....i feel i want to more structured eating lifestyle. Buying more in bulk, making bigger portions of soups and curries and stews and eating a wholesome breakfast everyday. I own a lot of things, a lot of beautiful things, but i don't seem to be getting the most out of them.... i have an over packed tea shelf where you can't find anything, a basket full of unused wool, a wardrobe full of clothes that need to be altered and so on.

Sixth Step: women's workshops. I adore bringing women together to empower them and help them heal through exploring parts of themselves. In the close future my agenda is to put on a vulva workshop and help design a red tent portable structure to make it more accessible to women around me.

These are all things i will be blogging about in more detail when they are happening. My heart tells me that doing these things will put me on a positive wave and when i am on a positive wave things really start to shift in my life. Samhuin is, after all, a new year. Its only right to be concentrating on my new journey.



  1. What a beautiful blog! I love the statue of the pregnant woman on her knees, I gave birth to my second son in that very position. Blessings.

  2. What a beautiful blog! I just stumbled across you but will be back to peruse your lovely posts!!