22 November 2012

Powerful Intentions

A world of love and connection to anyone who finds there way musing over this blog in a moment of curiosity, Tonight while sitting listening to the rain from an apartment in Phuket, Thailand i got a spark of inspiration to share. My last post was written about 16 months ago.....I cant believe time has past so quickly and without a strong enough urge to tinkle out some letters here. In a very simplified nutshell i will quickly explain what i have been doing since my last post. I moved away from Edinburgh, in June 2011, to experience living outside my box. My lovely comfortable yummy box where i was surrounded by amazing people, opportunities and love. I spend three months traveling around sound England and Wales exploring the wonderful world of Wwoofing where i exchanged my energy and skills to work and learn with the earth for organic food and accommodation. And splendid it was. I then decided, even though my bank balance was feeling rather sorry for itself, to fly to New Zealand...lets just say my heart yurned for a new land. I spent 8 wonderful months Wwoofing, living, learning, loving and working around amazing people and during that time my visions synced beautifully with a lovely males who i now share my travel with. In love we trusted the universe to guide us and went to an Island not too far away from Australia called Vanuatu. This place was basically tribal until a few hundred years ago and the people still have that real honest un-corrupt love in their eyes. We lived with a tribe for almost a month which was extremely beautiful and challenging all the same. After Vanuatu we flew to Australia where we stayed and healed for a few weeks with friends and then jumped on another plane to south-east Asia. This is where we are still now....months later. Having seen parts of Thailand, Loas, Cambodia i look back and can't imagine being me without all this experience. To trust our heart to guide us is a very powerful thing.

So here i am. Still passionate about women's things, love, light energy, expanding, contracting, menstruation, creative yumminess just to name a few. What i really want to begin writing about is an intention. An intention of surrendering to creation. It has been a belief of mine for a long time now that certain things in our life require a little preparation and over the past months i have been preparing myself to become a mother. Now this may seem a little odd (and people always give me a puzzled look when i tell them this)....although in a loving relationship i am not married, i don't have an income, i don't have a house, im traveling and i am not yet pregnant. But from the deepest of my heart i KNOW that to wait to put off preparing to become a mother, because i don't yet have those things, would be absurd. So here i am living my life spontaneously and open and preparing to jump into parenthood and i want to share every step, positive and negative, easy and difficult, about preparing the body, soul and mind for the wonderful life changing event of parenthood before it has begun.

I will post as often as feels right about things i am actively doing. I will take my inspiration for people i have met and will meet, from books that suggest things and from my own intuition. I encourage feedback and suggestions too.

Warmth and Loviness 

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