23 November 2012

PreMama - Going Natural

In the past 100 years our vegetable have gone from coming straight out of the home garden grown with effort and love to being grown in the masses and being spayed with chemicals that destroy the soil, nutrients and poison our bodies. Our grandmothers grandmothers knew of these chemicals and peeled all the vegetables but somewhere along the line this got forgotten. No more did we peel then and then somewhere along the line we even stopped washing them. Today we know that a high percentage of our illnesses are caused by high toxicity in the body.

I think i may have shocked some of my family members recently by rocking up for a cousins wedding in Thailand with hairy legs and armpits and wacky hippy ideas of how the Universe spirals into excistance. I soon realized we are all wacky in our own little wonderful ways even if we don't show it on the outside. I have a million things buzzing through my mind that i would like to share about making my body more healthy but i feel the most important thing i have done is cut out, almost completely, artificial chemicals and processed products. Folks yes this includes white sugar!!! Now these harmful chemicals are everywhere....in our food and products we consume to smother our skin in. They are even in the air and water. I was struck a few years ago when i was having a conversation with a person close to me who had cancer. This person was told by her doctor that to aid her healing she would have to not expose her body to toxins and harmful chemicals.....as they put strain on the liver and suppress the immune system. This made me wonder if our generation is, everyday, making our liver a toxic environment and keeping our immune system functioning lower than it could be. So i began paying attention to what i was putting in and on my body. Over the years i have slowly transitioned to not wearing make-up or dying my hair, using coconut oil on my skin, natural soap and natural shampoo and eating organic food. I also avoid products with fluoride in like toothpaste and bottled water and use natural alternatives. I feel that it is my responsibility as conscious woman to keep myself healthy and create an optimum environment for life to develop in. I also feel that deciding to become healthy at the moment i fall pregnant is a good effort but i can do so much better.

In addition to this i practice natural contraception. Charting. This means i follow my menstrual cycle day by day taking my morning waking temperature and observing my cervical fluid. After months of practice i can pin-point my moment of ovulation and predict with an immense amount of accuracy when i will bleed. I learned how to do charting from this book Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom by Christian Northup. This book along with conversations with friends and experimenting myself taught me the dynamics of women's cycles down to a fine detail. If your interested in natural contraception i would recommend buying a book on it. The information on the web is sometimes very basic and misleading. If you would like any recommendations i am happy to write another post more in depth about this.

So what have a learned from doing things more naturally? I have learned to be in ways that we have been for thousands of years. More grounded and at one with the earth. I feel that keeping my body as natural as possible i fit more complimentary with the natural harmony of the universe. On a smaller scale i am making less negative impact on the planet and on my cells which will eventually extend into the cells of new life. Making the decision to go more natural is immensely empowering.

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