A doula is person that supports a woman before, during and after the birth of her baby. She may also provide encouragement for the father too. She is sympathetic to a woman's wants and needs and offers support with warmth and patience. In ancient times when women lived in tribes they had constant care, love and knowledge from generations of women in their community. Today's society does not consider the idea of community as it once did which could often lead to women feeling isolated, traumatized and misunderstood through birth experiences. With a high ratio of births in hospitals today it is now considered the 'norm' for a woman to birth there and although a hospital can offer great care to a woman with a high risk pregnancy the institution itself does not always consider a woman's emotional requirements. A doula fills that gap that is usually created through regulation in industries like hospitals. Doula's are there to provide a women with the care that she wants. Each doula-mama relationship will be unique and beautiful, not to mention potentially empowering.