'To breathe with the mother, to watch the child's head appear, to experience the entire process moment by moment allowed me to touch a primordial element in my being, i laughed, i cried, experienced fear, empathetic pain and deep joy. I was standing in the doorway of existence, feeling, as deep as i had ever felt, the connectedness of my humanity to the rest of nature with her cycles spring and winter, creation and decay'
~Ram Dass

I am a Scottish Doula Network recognized doula and I have completed Adela Stockton's course of preparation Mindful Doulas. My journey of learning about the nature of women and birth is continuous and vibrant. Whenever possible i attend workshops about birth support with the wysewomen ladies. I feel that being in tune with the feminine natural rhythm is essential to connect with other women on an emotional level so i attend 5rhythms and a Full Moon Group monthly. A new moon Sacred Women's Circle enables me to journey deep into a spiritual connection with our female ancestors. 

One day i will be holding a safe space for women to connect with their monthly MoonTimes (menstruation) in a Red Tent. If your interested in getting involved in a project like this we welcome new ideas. 

At the moment i am traveling and seeing the earth in all its might. This sometimes means i am away from computer at lengths of time and i cannot update or reply to emails. When i finally settle i will be picking up where i left off with women's education and support work. My heart yurns to gather in a womens group once again but my consciousness needs the expansion right now.

Natural Birthing 
I am passionate about women being respected when it comes to childbirth. I believe that in a 'normal' birth a woman is instinctual and if given the right conditions and can birth with ease and be empowered through her experience. I belong to a natural birthing school of thought which means encouraging birthing women to feel the power of birth as naturally as possible. I think this is possible through a sustained safe atmosphere, a good amount of support and preparation, loving care, patience and the right words at the right time. Birth can be an event that transforms a woman and i think it is important to make that experience as valid as possible. I trust a woman to access her inner wisdom from within birthing and i will encourage her energy when she is roaring deep in labourland.

Although i support natural childbirth i am also fierce about allowing a woman to make her own decisions. Your body, your baby, your birth. This sets up for a strong foundation where the woman feels in control and respected. I will support a woman wherever she chooses to birth and however she chooses to birth.

Support as a lifestyle
I believe that being a doula doesn't just fit into the birthing philosophy. It's more a lifestyle. Regular yoga and meditation helps me feel balanced and centered in a world that encourages structured busy lifestyles. A doula is flexible to help at the time you feel you need it most.

Warm sounds x

Artwork by me