16 April 2011

Wanting to Hear Your Menstrual Story.

Goddess Kamakya during her menstruation.
 I have recently decided to make a post dedicated to sacred ways to use menstrual blood. I am looking for personal stories that i can share with the world to inspire them to feel their cycle rather than ignore it. My first idea was just to propose this on facebook but i think i would like to open it up to the world now. Please email me at aiyana.woman@gmail.com if you would like to share your story.

Tell me what you think of your monthly blood, do you connect it to the moon and feel powerful when you menstruate? Is your time spent healing and slowing down from your daily responsibilities? Did developing a better relationship with your body help you in other aspects of life? Do any of you link menstruation to pregnancy? Or do you have a bad relationship with your menstruation? Has society put pressure on you to hide it and feel unclean? Do you want your perspective to change?

I want you to talk about your menstruation. I want everyone to talk about menstruation. I want us to claim back our power through our bleeding. I want to help women do this.

With love and blessings
Bree xxx


  1. My daughter of 19 and i have decided that when the little one (14) gets her long await period we are going to have a celebration - not too sure yet what but will check back when that big day arrives and let you know. Kate (little one) was telling me about her friend who is a Hindu and how her mom and gran bathed her in turmeric when she got her periods, Kate thought that it was pretty cool that such a fuss was made of the arrival of her periods.

  2. Dear Clare,
    Thank you so very much for sending me your story. Your daughters is a very sacred girl and i send you all harmonizing wishes for her transitioning into womanhood.
    Blessings x

  3. My daughters are 2 and 5, we talk about it now and I am really looking forward to celebrating it with them...I think henna will take part in the ritual...my friend talks about putting a red hand on the earth.....I look forward to coming up with ideas over the coming years for the beautiful time when my daughters become women and the rite of passages that will follow