23 November 2012

PreMama - Going Natural

In the past 100 years our vegetable have gone from coming straight out of the home garden grown with effort and love to being grown in the masses and being spayed with chemicals that destroy the soil, nutrients and poison our bodies. Our grandmothers grandmothers knew of these chemicals and peeled all the vegetables but somewhere along the line this got forgotten. No more did we peel then and then somewhere along the line we even stopped washing them. Today we know that a high percentage of our illnesses are caused by high toxicity in the body.

I think i may have shocked some of my family members recently by rocking up for a cousins wedding in Thailand with hairy legs and armpits and wacky hippy ideas of how the Universe spirals into excistance. I soon realized we are all wacky in our own little wonderful ways even if we don't show it on the outside. I have a million things buzzing through my mind that i would like to share about making my body more healthy but i feel the most important thing i have done is cut out, almost completely, artificial chemicals and processed products. Folks yes this includes white sugar!!! Now these harmful chemicals are everywhere....in our food and products we consume to smother our skin in. They are even in the air and water. I was struck a few years ago when i was having a conversation with a person close to me who had cancer. This person was told by her doctor that to aid her healing she would have to not expose her body to toxins and harmful chemicals.....as they put strain on the liver and suppress the immune system. This made me wonder if our generation is, everyday, making our liver a toxic environment and keeping our immune system functioning lower than it could be. So i began paying attention to what i was putting in and on my body. Over the years i have slowly transitioned to not wearing make-up or dying my hair, using coconut oil on my skin, natural soap and natural shampoo and eating organic food. I also avoid products with fluoride in like toothpaste and bottled water and use natural alternatives. I feel that it is my responsibility as conscious woman to keep myself healthy and create an optimum environment for life to develop in. I also feel that deciding to become healthy at the moment i fall pregnant is a good effort but i can do so much better.

In addition to this i practice natural contraception. Charting. This means i follow my menstrual cycle day by day taking my morning waking temperature and observing my cervical fluid. After months of practice i can pin-point my moment of ovulation and predict with an immense amount of accuracy when i will bleed. I learned how to do charting from this book Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom by Christian Northup. This book along with conversations with friends and experimenting myself taught me the dynamics of women's cycles down to a fine detail. If your interested in natural contraception i would recommend buying a book on it. The information on the web is sometimes very basic and misleading. If you would like any recommendations i am happy to write another post more in depth about this.

So what have a learned from doing things more naturally? I have learned to be in ways that we have been for thousands of years. More grounded and at one with the earth. I feel that keeping my body as natural as possible i fit more complimentary with the natural harmony of the universe. On a smaller scale i am making less negative impact on the planet and on my cells which will eventually extend into the cells of new life. Making the decision to go more natural is immensely empowering.

22 November 2012

Powerful Intentions

A world of love and connection to anyone who finds there way musing over this blog in a moment of curiosity, Tonight while sitting listening to the rain from an apartment in Phuket, Thailand i got a spark of inspiration to share. My last post was written about 16 months ago.....I cant believe time has past so quickly and without a strong enough urge to tinkle out some letters here. In a very simplified nutshell i will quickly explain what i have been doing since my last post. I moved away from Edinburgh, in June 2011, to experience living outside my box. My lovely comfortable yummy box where i was surrounded by amazing people, opportunities and love. I spend three months traveling around sound England and Wales exploring the wonderful world of Wwoofing where i exchanged my energy and skills to work and learn with the earth for organic food and accommodation. And splendid it was. I then decided, even though my bank balance was feeling rather sorry for itself, to fly to New Zealand...lets just say my heart yurned for a new land. I spent 8 wonderful months Wwoofing, living, learning, loving and working around amazing people and during that time my visions synced beautifully with a lovely males who i now share my travel with. In love we trusted the universe to guide us and went to an Island not too far away from Australia called Vanuatu. This place was basically tribal until a few hundred years ago and the people still have that real honest un-corrupt love in their eyes. We lived with a tribe for almost a month which was extremely beautiful and challenging all the same. After Vanuatu we flew to Australia where we stayed and healed for a few weeks with friends and then jumped on another plane to south-east Asia. This is where we are still now....months later. Having seen parts of Thailand, Loas, Cambodia i look back and can't imagine being me without all this experience. To trust our heart to guide us is a very powerful thing.

So here i am. Still passionate about women's things, love, light energy, expanding, contracting, menstruation, creative yumminess just to name a few. What i really want to begin writing about is an intention. An intention of surrendering to creation. It has been a belief of mine for a long time now that certain things in our life require a little preparation and over the past months i have been preparing myself to become a mother. Now this may seem a little odd (and people always give me a puzzled look when i tell them this)....although in a loving relationship i am not married, i don't have an income, i don't have a house, im traveling and i am not yet pregnant. But from the deepest of my heart i KNOW that to wait to put off preparing to become a mother, because i don't yet have those things, would be absurd. So here i am living my life spontaneously and open and preparing to jump into parenthood and i want to share every step, positive and negative, easy and difficult, about preparing the body, soul and mind for the wonderful life changing event of parenthood before it has begun.

I will post as often as feels right about things i am actively doing. I will take my inspiration for people i have met and will meet, from books that suggest things and from my own intuition. I encourage feedback and suggestions too.

Warmth and Loviness 

07 June 2011

Finding Peace in Manifesting.

For a long time now i have understood the power of manifesting opportunities, poeple and things into my life. But only the other day did i realize how often stop myself from getting what i want. I identified this blockage as a voice that always said the same thing...

'not today, no there is nothing special about today'

I sometimes wake with the question....'i wonder if today something will happen, or i will meet someone special that will suddenly, and dramatically, make my life path alter?' And of course on many days up comes the voice and which overrides that sudden flutter of inspiration and i carry on with my normal day routine. Where's the growth in that?

Well this evening when dreaming up plans of an adventurous summer that same old lack of trust popped up again. However after my insight i have decided to do something different this time, so i drew a picture of the thing i was dreaming about. In my picture i have drawn a shelter made of straw and wood surrounded by thick tree's. My structure symbolizes a sanctuary beneath the sun where i am able to relax and heal in nature. The pillows show the comforting environment and the rose is my passion for love and life. I am the spiral like creature ooozing purple, red, orange and yellow which are the colours of the spiritual, base, sexual and social Chakras. All of which i am paying delicate attention to just now.

I know that when blockages over power inspiration i am living in a fearful place so i will take it upon myself from now on to be more mindful of when that is happening and to try a ritual or creative practice to challenge where the fear is coming from.

Peace xxx

06 June 2011

Appreciating ends...The Red Tent Novel.

Tonight i finished The Red Tent. Surprising that i was able to hold off getting to the end for so long. But i managed. I was recommended the book months ago and have saved reading it for long luxurious cleansing baths where i have really been able to retreat into the fictional world created by Anita Diamant. I see coming to the end of books as a positive and a negative and often i read little bits so that i can dwell in the world for as long as possible. This particular book has stirred quite the movement in the world and dramatically in myself. I have talked about a Red Tent or Moonlodge in my posts previous and for me this is where my interest began. Since allowing myself to indulge in the healing and flow of my menstrual times i have become a more connected and rounded woman. I am so grateful to women around me who support this belief and the women in the world who inspire each other to heal and gather through their bleeds.

I have decided i will write a message in the front of this book and give it to another woman in hope it will keep on affecting their relationship with themselves and the world.

This chapter has just ended but another has already begun.

Aiyana xxxx

For anyone who is interested you might like to read Anita's blog The Red Tent and more...

16 April 2011

Wanting to Hear Your Menstrual Story.

Goddess Kamakya during her menstruation.
 I have recently decided to make a post dedicated to sacred ways to use menstrual blood. I am looking for personal stories that i can share with the world to inspire them to feel their cycle rather than ignore it. My first idea was just to propose this on facebook but i think i would like to open it up to the world now. Please email me at aiyana.woman@gmail.com if you would like to share your story.

Tell me what you think of your monthly blood, do you connect it to the moon and feel powerful when you menstruate? Is your time spent healing and slowing down from your daily responsibilities? Did developing a better relationship with your body help you in other aspects of life? Do any of you link menstruation to pregnancy? Or do you have a bad relationship with your menstruation? Has society put pressure on you to hide it and feel unclean? Do you want your perspective to change?

I want you to talk about your menstruation. I want everyone to talk about menstruation. I want us to claim back our power through our bleeding. I want to help women do this.

With love and blessings
Bree xxx

22 March 2011

Finding My Balance After Being Ill.


 I lost my balance. Being a pretty balanced person in most aspects of my life it was scary to loose it for so long. A mixture of life responsibilities and spending a long period of time stressed tipped me over an edge and i got quite ill. It feels like i need to write about this before i can start writing creative posts again.

Yesterday was the first day in almost three weeks that i didn't feel pressured to do something and was actually motivated. It felt like a kind of bliss that had been lacking for such a long while. Today i made the decision to consciously find my balance again. This for me is taking time to look at my life from a perspective that isn't so much involved in the day to day drama of everything but rather an observation of whats going on just now and a delicate aim for solutions. Solutions are something i struggle with when im swimming in the drama. What i became really aware of in recent years was that to function as any sort of supportive person (for friends or as a job) i HAVE to take care of myself first. Simple but sometimes difficult. Taking care of myself, i've come to realize, means:

  • making sure im eating healthily; whenever i get distracted and eat junk i tend to feel really low and get ill easily.
  • making sure i've slept enough; i can go through periods in my life when i don't sleep much at all but i have to level that out with a few days rest after to recover.
  • paying attention to my menstrual cycle; whenever i ignore where my cycle i feel disoriented in my body.
  • keeping the nest organised; i enjoy organisation and always feel so much more grounded when i am.
  • keeping my body clean; in and out. Whenever i illiminate toxins from my body i feel renewed and fresh. To do this i have really hot steamy baths, saunas, do enemas and drink loooooads of water.
  • keeping a good rapor with friends and family; whenever there is tension between friends or family i feel emotionally distressed. Resolving issues and keeping peace is far more soul nourishing.
  • nourishing my soul; this involves being in tune with what my soul is saying to me (something i get better at each menstrual cycle) this varies massively but usually involves some body movement and/or using my creativity.
  • connecting with nature; i find nature relaxing, fascinating, beautiful and like a strong validating mothering force.
  • doing something towards a better society and earth; i am a big believer that the world can be a better place if we be kinder to each other and the environment.
It's easy to forget that these wonderful things balance and ground me and it's even easier to forget that without doing most of them i will be a little all over the place. My mind/body/soul connection needs them to feel in good flow with the world. Have you ever wondered what your little personal needs are so that you feel balanced?

This week is a week of introducing those activities slowly so that i am at my best. As i have been ill i am also giving my immune system a big boost with Echinacea, Vitamin C, lots of raw Garlic and Spirilina. I have almost completely cut out sugar and caffeine (which suppress the immune system) and whenever i feel stress bubbling beneath the surface i walk away to cool off or have a quiet cry to release the emotion.

Hoping to feel more creative soon and share inspiring stories with the world
Healthy energy and creative blessings
A xxx