06 June 2011

Appreciating ends...The Red Tent Novel.

Tonight i finished The Red Tent. Surprising that i was able to hold off getting to the end for so long. But i managed. I was recommended the book months ago and have saved reading it for long luxurious cleansing baths where i have really been able to retreat into the fictional world created by Anita Diamant. I see coming to the end of books as a positive and a negative and often i read little bits so that i can dwell in the world for as long as possible. This particular book has stirred quite the movement in the world and dramatically in myself. I have talked about a Red Tent or Moonlodge in my posts previous and for me this is where my interest began. Since allowing myself to indulge in the healing and flow of my menstrual times i have become a more connected and rounded woman. I am so grateful to women around me who support this belief and the women in the world who inspire each other to heal and gather through their bleeds.

I have decided i will write a message in the front of this book and give it to another woman in hope it will keep on affecting their relationship with themselves and the world.

This chapter has just ended but another has already begun.

Aiyana xxxx

For anyone who is interested you might like to read Anita's blog The Red Tent and more...

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  1. I read this book last year, and had a similar experience - wanted to devour it, but at the same time, stretch it out to sustain everything that it offered. It had a deep impact on me, and I couldn't believe it took me so many years to get to it!

    That and Women who Run with the Wolves (which I'm slowly reading now) have been key books that have affected my consciousness. So much history, healing and power through their pages.