01 December 2010


History or Herstory?

Aiyana is a Native Indian word meaning eternal blossom.

This story is about where the idea for this blog came from. About a year ago i finished a textiles degree and planted a seed. Exhausted and confused i decided to not pursue a career in textiles and wait, that's right wait, for a sign wiggle it's bum at me so impossible to ignore. Waiting is fun if you do creative things. As i waited i thought filling my time with stuff i was too busy for during my degree would be a good idea. I started yoga again, i learnt to crochet, i started eating better, sleeping longer, dancing, playing and most importantly reading about things that had always interested me. While reading stages of pregnancy online, which i fund myself reading often, i stumbled across a midwife statement. In this statement was the mention of a Doula. Whats a Doula? Birthing companion! My eyes lit and my heart fluttered. I got the buzz. Within a few days i began my Doula journey and from then trusted and have  been blessed with interesting opportunities. This blog is a mash of all the things i have in my life that make me feel all fuzzy inside and i WANT to share that. I spent years feelings alone unable to connect to the idea of community. Adults around me were at war not in harmony. Well now i believe we all are connected whether we want to be or not and this blog is an expression of that connection. As i read blogs i feel inspired and at one with the person behind it without even knowing them. This is me showing you what makes me warm and happy so you can connect to the things that make you feel warm and happy. Enjoy reading about my wonderful little world....i hope the willow trees are swaying peacefully in yours.

plant a seed

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