09 September 2010

The Way We See

 Just walking into the kitchen i heard a snippet of a radio discussion talking about how we view ourselves and the world. The discussion was about not being able to change the fact of some but being able to change the way we perceive it. Interesting. This is something i have pondered about for a few years now. Ive not always able to put it into practice though. So lets observe a simple example....say we are really looking forward to an event (think of something important to you). Something we have been anticipating and been excited about for a long time. Then night before we come down with flu like symptoms. We're stuck! Flu can be so weakening that it requires you to stay in bed for at least a few days until most the badness is gone. What do you say to this situation? Do you moan? Do you get angry at yourself? Do you feel like this always happens to you? The facts are there...you can't go to your event and your so sick you can barely walk around. Pretty rotten! Well yes if you look at i from that perspective. There are, shockingly, other perspectives we might not take into account here. Perspectives that might have benefit to us in the long run. Here's just a few...

  • it could mean you have a low immune system and this is your body telling you to pay more attention to your diet. Note: garlic and ginger are great immune boosters.
  • it could mean you have pushed yourself too hard lately and a high stress level has suppressed part of your immune system causing you to not be able to fight off all those bad bacteria. Your body is telling you screw the event and take some time to relax.
  • it could mean your energy zones (chakras etc) are off balance. Yet again your body is being clever and telling you to pay some attention to a different part of yourself. And possible change your lifestyle.
  • it could mean that the way you perceive the events in your life isn't the healthiest way and thinking this particular event is something you 'had' to go to could possibly indicate your priorities need to be observered.
The way of thought i am talking about here does not indicate we are doing something wrong but possibly that there is a different more beneficial way of doing things. Isn't that our aim anyway with all other aspect of our life? My reason for raising this is a reminder to take a step back and not get so rapped up in the way we are and instead to observe ourselves and our bodies as intelligent with the ability to signal when things aren't quite going so well. Next time we feel like things aren't going well ask yourself two questions.

  1. What is it that i need to pay attention to here?
  2. What active things can i do to put this need for change into action?

As humans we can get preoccupied with demands of our society and news has it...western society isn't very well at preventing illness or maintain a state of health for that matter. I like the idea of a culture that takes responsibility of themselves more. Have a greater passion for well-being, harmony and health. These are my thoughts.
Warm thoughts and balancing energy.

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