11 September 2010

Home High Immune Boosters

keeping the balance
 In my last post i mentioned the immune system and that there was a way to boost it through our diet. It's very easy. So why should we boost our immune system? The reason we should aim for higher immunity is because it's our immune system that helps us fight off bad bacteria. If our immune system doesn't have enough little fighters to get rid of the bad bacteria the the bad stuff multiplies and we get sick. Not eating the right things, stress, the cold, alcohol and sugar amongst other things all suppress our immune system. We can also be born with a low immune system but that doesn't mean we can't boost it and make it stronger. My reason for writing this post today is that i have a scratchy throat and for me that means i got some bad bacteria attempting to take control. There are a few things that you might already have in your house will help you do some boosting. I'm doing these today so lets explore some of them...

keeps the vampires away
GARLIC. Raw garlic especially stimulates your white blood cells (the little fighters) and increases the efficiency of your antibodies. I find that garlic is beneficial before i get sick or whilst im sick to help me get well quicker. Here is a garlic recipe i usually use: Homemade Hot Garlic Bread...i get two slices of bread and lightly toast them. I get two cloves of garlic, grate, and mix with a little butter. When the toast is done i spread all the garlicy mixture on the toast and eat. It blows your mouth away a little and the next day there are some garlicy breathe issues but the effect  you will feel on your body is worth it. Eating garlic cooked in meals still releases some goodness so don't be put off thinking you only have to eat it raw.

ginger tea
 GINGER. Again the rawer the better. Now this is yummy and spicy. Ginger is known for so many good things. If you know anyone who is into herbs you can soon find out the range of benefits it has. Here are a few technically bits; ginger is an antimicrobial which means it kills bad bacteria. It contains two natural antibiotics and it also has loads many vitamins. Recently i went to a health food stand was offered a ginger shot. The guy juiced a raw piece of ginger (a piece the size of 2/3 of my thumb) and poured into a little shot glass. I shot it in two and my insides nearly exploded. The after feeling was so uplifting though i would happily do it again. A more subtle way to have ginger is to cut, a piece the size of two cubes of chocolate on top of each other, into smaller pieces and drinking it in hot water preferably with lemon which helps cleanse the bad bacteria out of the body. If you like baking then put ginger in a cake or cookies and if you like cooking soup ginger is a great addition to a blended mixed veg soup.

orange yumminess
VITAMIN C. Yep what your grandmother told you was right. But this is a bit of a more extreme version. It would be very hard to eat oranges in the quantity we need them when we are sick so i take a supplement instead. The is in fact the only supplement i take and i only usually do when ive been in the rain and got chilly or when my throat is scratchy. The daily recommended does is said to be 60mg but we think that when your sick its better to up the dose. So the tablets we take are 1000mg and we take one a day. Boy do they work like a charm. Fingers crossed im not too far gone for them to kick away illness this time. Vitamin C helps form new healthy tissue and as another beautiful antioxidant.

All the above usually does the trick for me but only if i keep the rest of my lifestyle healthy as well. That means eating only fresh food, sleeping enough, not stressing my body out, allowing myself to detox and cleanse (sauna, hot bath, shower) and of course not consuming immune suppressors. Before i sign off and wish you happy healthiness there is one more major thing that helps you heal and boost your immune system....PLEASURE!

pleasured yoni
PLEASURE can be gained through massage, being warm, eating, drinking warm tea, being stroked, creative practices, relaxation and not to forget sexual play/orgasm. Note you can probably think of more that are personal to you. Through doing these things we release oxytocin (my favorite hormone). Its the love, pleasure, bonding and healing hormone. As a Doula i come across the benefits of oxytocin all the time. Don't deny yourself these pleasures that will ultimately make you a happier, less stressed, healthier and more round human being.
Ill say more on oxytocin in a post soon.

Warm tingly lushes pleasurable feelings.


  1. hi, what a beautiful blog you have here..great energy.

    I've been doing a lot of cooking with ginger of late, it's wonderful added to stirfries with a splash of fresh lime. and pleasure is most definately up there amongst the top of what helps to strengthen our immune systems, stress and the hormones released through it cause so much havoc on our systems.

    off to explore your blog a little more..
    nice to meet you:)

  2. Keep this up, beautiful. I'm following you :)
    Lisa A.