14 January 2011

Pick Your Pace and Let Curiosity flow

textured tree in the Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

 Something i am reminding myself of daily at the moment is that the pace i pick is ok. Often i would do to much (or stress about not doing enough) with my time and get too worn out. I know my own pace and i know it varies from sometimes staying in a lot and being creative to sometimes being out a lot and very sociable. For me it all depends on where my moon cycle (menstrual cycle) is at and how deeply i retreated within myself for healing around the time i bled. Ive noticed i have less inspiration to make things happen or indulge in creative projects if i ignore the processing so needed to be done when bleeding. When im not stressed or worn out my curiosity feels heightened. I meet more interesting people, create more and have a general sense of being able to accomplish anything.

summer 2010 during secret grove project

I love following my curiosity because it takes me to such interesting places (within myself and outside myself) that i know i wouldn't discover otherwise. I always learn something valid and am flooding with new sense of gratitude. This week while taking some time to appreciate things i got an amazing sense of accomplishment for my growth over the past two years (i will post about this in my next post). The switch in perspective informed me that what i do is worthwhile, meaningful and has the potential to grow into something beautiful. Right now i feel a bit like a seedling...fresh, new and full of curiosity. The magnificent tree that will be my life eventually is making its roots and growing its leaves.

This week take a moment to tell yourself that what you do is not only enough, it is amazing.

Love and other warm things

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